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Chateau de la Tuilerie

In the hands of the family since 1955 and considered to be the jewel of the region, Chateau de la Tuilerie is situated in the oldest part of that area of Nîmes that takes the Costières de Nîmes Appellation designation. Situated in the oldest part of the hills, consisting of long stretches of silt brought in by the Rhône during the Pilocene era, the vineyards are characterised by poor, acidic soils which are sandy and full of quartz and flint pebbles. The clay under soil gives the vineyards very little access to water and minerals. producing low, concentrated yields capable of producing highly aromatic and intense wines.? Its north facing position brings cooler nights, preserving that all important acidity and the gradual synthesis of anthocyanins, lending the wine its colour.

Lead by the dynamic and quality obsessed Madame Chantal Comte, Chateau de la Tuilerie produces wines that are considered to be fundamental to the southern edge of the Rhône Valley. Chantal explains that to give her wines a less conventional and more humorous image; to make them more provocative and poetic… if necessary, a new wine for each day can be re-invented. She also believes that wine can be made with love and care but it is first and foremost made for pleasure.

The Celebration range labeled as Domaine de la Tuilerie are the introduction to the range and all of the Tuilerie wines are labeled by grape variety. The Chateau de la Tuilerie red and white offers a slight jump in price but a significant leap in structure and concentration while the Eole Rouge and Blanc are the brands flagship.