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Columbia Crest, Washington

Founded in 1983, Columbia Crest has grown from a small winery in a relatively unknown wine region to one of the most significant wineries in the U.S. and a major force behind Washington state’s emergence as a world class wine region.

Located in Washington’s picturesque Horse Heaven Hills, Columbia Crest is acclaimed by critics and consumers alike for crafting wines that are food-friendly, approachable, affordable, and consistently over-deliver in quality.

Columbia Crest has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to quality, consistency and value with their wines since opening their doors in eastern Washington more than 25 years ago. From the vineyards to the glass, they strive to make their wines an extraordinary expression of craftsmanship and are dedicated to celebrating the rich heritage of the region.

As the portfolio of wine has continued to grow, Columbia Crest has remained steadfast in its focus on quality – a commitment that plays a critical role in the ability to earn some of the finest acclaim in the industry. Columbia Crest wines have earned 15 placements on Wine Spectator’s Top 100 list in 13 years, including the first wine from Washington state to receive the #1 Wine of the Year honor, in 2009. The wine was selected from more than 17,000 wines tasted by editors throughout the year.