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Villa Ponciago

In the year 949, the owner of the Château de Poncié donated his vineyard to the Abbey of Cluny, with the hope of saving his soul.

After 1000 years, the Château de Poncié has today taken up its Latin name, Villa Ponciago, with the ambition to rediscover the great wines of Cru Fleurie; wines whose finesse, elegance and above all silky texture previously shaped their reputation of excellence.

A very old map bears long witness to the diversity of the domain. Its 49 hectares of vines, boasting no fewer than 40 distinct terroirs, surround the 18th century castle and its winery; an inestimable set of assets from which to express Fleurie’s many nuances.

Since Spring 2008, the hope and aspiration of all whose involved in this wonderful adventure has been to reflect the quintessential character of the Fleurie Cru which produces wines which are authentic, rich and subtle.