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CEMBRA cantina di montagna is the highest winery on the Trentino mountains (700 m ASL). Established in 1952 at the initiative of a group of vine-growers, today its members number about 400, passionately dedicated to heroic grape growing on the hard-to-reach terraces that are typical in the valley. Cembra is nestled in the area that is also Europe’s leading producer of porphyry, the valley’s red gold, a rock that gives wines extraordinary flavour and persistence. In this unique landscape, a number of vines selected through the 1980 zoning project find their ideal habitat, revealing all the tradition and strength of the Trentino area in the aromas and flavours of their wines.

The mineral content and elegance of Müller Thurgau from Vigna delle Forche (872 m ASL) counterbalances the opulent and persistent structure of Càncor Riesling. The finesse and immediate fragrance of Schiava Valvalé is joined by the persistence and aromatic complexity of Pinot noir from Vigna di Saosent. The balanced aroma and harmony of Chardonnay Camìn pair with the rich taste of Sauvignon Valtini, confirming the eclectic character of this historic terroir.

The wonders of a hidden world, the Cembra Valley, are revealed in a triumph of flavours and aromas, classic yet modern, the tradition and values of this land preserved by the efforts and faith of its mountain people.