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Domaine Jean Michel Cazes

Both in France and abroad, the Cazes family’s mission is to produce great wines respecting the terroir and the character of the local grape varieties.

Founded in 2002 and based in Macau in the Médoc, the JM. CAZES SELECTION wine merchant company devotes itself to taking care of their worldwide marketing and promotion.

Whether it’s a property from the Bordeaux wine-producing area, from the Languedoc, from Châteauneuf du Pape, or a wine produced on the other side of the world or a blended wine, the standards of quality and the commitment to consistency are the same. JM CAZES SELECTION discovers, selects, guarantees and proposes: Thanks to the diversity and complementarity of its range, JM CAZES SELECTION meets a broad spectrum of market expectations and completes its offer with a selection of owners’ wine. A measure of success for the distributor, importer, and cellarman, this is a guarantee of satisfaction for the consumer.