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Jim Barry

The late Jim Barry was a pioneer of the Australian wine industry and the first qualified winemaker to work in the Clare Valley of South Australia. He established Jim Barry Wines in 1959 with a special emphasis on Riesling, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz wines which have all over time, won international recognition. The flagship release, The Armagh Shiraz was recently awarded a rare 20/20 score by British wine writer Mathew Jukes when he announced his 100 Best Australian Wines at the 2011 London Wine Trade Fair.

“With more truffles and well-hung game than a Piemontese banquet and so much latent power that it makes me feel bashful to even type its name, 2006 The Armagh is a perfect expression of its site and it is also an awe-inspiring encapsulation of the paradise that is the Clare Valley. For me this means that it is a rare 20/20 wine,” Jukes said. The Benbournie and McRae Wood wines do not lag far behind.