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Vina Koyle

Vina Koyle was born from a tradition that runs in our blood: we are a family dedicated to wine for more than six generations, since Don Francisco Undurraga Vicuña began in 1885.

We are dedicated to making wines with identity, from vineyards planted on the rocky slopes of Los Lingues, in Alto Colchagua, at the foot of the Andes mountain range. Our philosophy is based on respecting origin, and we are guided by biodynamic practices. In our winery we make wines that emphasise the excellence of our terroir, using our family’s experience and innovative winemaking techniques as tools to help us.

In 2006, together with our father, Alfonso Undurraga Mackenna, we started our search for the ideal terroir to make red wines of the highest standard. The place had to have 2 main qualities: rocks that give a unique mineral character to the grapes, and slopes to allow perfect drainage so the roots can grow deep into the earth.

After visiting and analysing all the different valleys and regions of Chile, we found a property in Los Lingues, Alto Colchagua, on the foothills of the Andes mountain range.

The characteristics of the microclimate and the geology of the soils were the key factors in starting our project by selecting vines that would adapt perfectly to this place.