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Argiolas winery is part of that small group of wineries that has been able to bring Sardinia at very high peaks of quality, especially in the production of great red wines. The Turriga is certainly the most popular name in the production of Argiolas, not to mention the fine workmanship of Korem. The Argiolas winery is located in the center of Serdiana. This approach can also be extended to the Argiolas wines, which exploit the potential of local varieties as Cannonau or Bovale, thanks to a skill and an ability to keep abreast of the highest level. In this way are born great bottles of wine as Turriga. In this way Argiolas has become in a few years an indispensable name in Sardinian and Italian wine scene.

The Argiolas family has worked diligently to become the leader in Sardinian enology and insists on using native Sardinian vines. The winery produces both a classic and prestige line of wines. The classic wines are fresh in style and bottled under various DOCs, including Vermentino di Sardegna and Cannonau di Sardegna. The late Giacomo Tachis believed southern Sardinia possessed the “true soul of the island,” and helped create the prestige offerings of Argiolas, bottled under the Isola del Nuraghi IGT and aged in French barriques. These include Korem, based on Bovale Sardo, and the benchmark Cannonau blend Turriga.