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The Bellavista label was born in Franciacorta in 1977, thanks to the vision and will of entrepreneur Vittorio Moretti who decided to transform a small wine-making business on a few hectares of family property into a real company. These very first vineyards were right on the Bellavista hillside, whose name derives from the panoramic position that offers, from one single place, a view of Lake Iseo and the entire Po valley, which extends until the Alps.

Vittorio Moretti has always dedicated particular attention to new vineyards, and today there are 107 grapevines over 190 hectares in ten different municipalities of Franciacorta. All together, they produce around 1,300,000 bottles. This is exactly the reason why at Bellavista, one can’t refer to a single harvest, but separate harvests that depend on the position and exposition of each vineyard. Only the first three pressings are used to produce the Franciacorta, and the must gets fermented in 1,500 piecès, small barrels with a capacity of 228 litres each.

It’s also history that makes the sloping hillsides of Monte Orfano so special, with a legacy spanning over five centuries. Here, at the foot of a convent, there’s an ancient vineyard that today, following tradition, produces a pure Chardonnay, the label Convento Ss.Annunciata. The fermentation of this must takes place in small bottles for 12 months and the wine, which is bottled the second Spring after the harvest, rests for another year while in the bottle.