Frankland Estate

Fran­k­land Estate was estab­lished in 1988 by Bar­rie Smith and Judi Cul­lam who after undertaking serveral vintages in Bordeaux, decided to diversify their farming interests to include viticulture and winemaking. The wine­mak­ing philoso­phies at Fran­k­land Estate reflect the experienced acquired in France as well as the hard-earned lessons gained from…

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Fire Gully

In 1998 Dr Michael Peterkin of Pierro purchased the nearby Fire Gully property which was named after two large bush fires in 1952 and 1970 that ravaged the gully which runs through the central block. The Taoist symbols for “fire” and “valley” have been chosen for the label to represent…

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Domaine A

Planted in the chilly climes of Southern Tasmania's Coal River and named after it's owners, Peter and Ruth Althaus, Domaine A not only has a James Halliday 5 star rating while recently the Cabernet was included amongst the ultra exclusive, Langtons Excellent Wine Classification. Peter Althaus personally selects the fruit…

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De Bortoli

Noble One, Australia's best sticky, was first created by Darren De Bortoli at the family winery in Bilbul in 1982. Noble One has gone on to be one of the most awarded wines in history, garnering more than 108 trophies and 358 Gold medals both nationally and internationally and in…

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Bird In Hand

In 1997, Andrew Nugent planted vineyards and olives on Bird in Hand Road in the Adelaide Hills region of South Australia with the ambition to develop Bird in Hand as one of the world’s great wineries. The road itself was named after the "Bird in Hand" gold mine, which operated…

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