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Umberto Cesari

The Umberto Cesari winery sits in the picturesque hillsides of Emilia-Romagna and was founded in 1965 with the purchase of twenty hectares of prime vineyards. The Cesari family now owns 470 acres including the presitigious vineyards of Parolina, La Casetta, Laurento, Ca’Grande, and Macolina. All of the wines are Estate Grown and bottled at the state-of-the-art winery with special attention is given to clonal selection, trellising techniques and vineyard management. In its first years of existence, Umberto Cesari set itself a challenge and a dream to produce the highest quality Sangiovese possible which has been their goal and mission since 1965. The accolades received over more than 40 years have nourished the conviction that the path chosen was indeed the correct one and it is no wonder that Umberto Cesari is considered to be one the finest producers in the Emilian-Romagna region.