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Wynns Estate Coonawarra

In the 1860’s John Riddoch establised the Coonawarra Fruit Colony which was the areas first recorded planting of grape vines. In 1951, the property was purchased by Melbourne based winemakers and merchants, Samuel Wynn and Co who together with son David, turned Wynn’s Coonawarra Estate into the regions finest producer.

The wine bearing John Riddochs name was first produced in 1982, made from the best Cabernet Sauvignon and only in years when overall quality is high. Many consider John Riddoch as the definitive Coonawrra cabernet, rich and more concentrated than any other wine from the district. It is appropriate that one of Australia’s top Cabernet carries the name of the man who pioneered the district where it was first planted in 1890.

Michael Shiraz is Wynns Coonawarra Estate’s best of vintage Shiraz and like the John Riddoch, the fruit comes from the best vineyard sites in Coonawara and only in years when quality is outstanding. The first Michael was a one off from 1955 vintage, made after new proprietor David Wynn noticed the exceptional quality of the wine from two particular barrels and then promptly ordered them to be bottled separately. Named after David Wynn’s first son, Michael, this is a legendary Australian wine.