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The historic Alberico’s wine is produced exclusively during the best wine producing years from selected grapes. We work carefully in the vineyard to protect the grapes’ health and aromatic features, while dosing the level of sugars, acids, polyphenols and primary flavors.

The far sighted intuition of Prince Alberico was to exploit eight rows of vines, four Merlot and four Cabernet, farmed organically for over half a century; the ancient vineyard protects the grapes from the mild and dry climate.

The wine ages in Rovere wood barrels for two years. The aging process enhances both the features given by the antique vines and the distinct flavor from the volcanic soils caused by an ancient volcanic flow. The wine thus obtained is then bottled for approximately eighteen months during which the refining process takes place. We only use a minimal amount of sulphites in our Alberico wine, just enough to allow the naturally selected yeasts to override the apiculate lees.

Intense, harmonious and absolutely unique in its kind, the Alberico wine is a jewel of the Made in Italy that cannot be resisted.