Anne Gros and Jean-Paul Tollot

Southern French spirit, Burgundian soul. The partnership of Burgundian winemakers Anne Gros and Jean-Paul Tollot in the Minervois sets a new standard for quality and character in the Languedoc. Finesse and precision are the two main characteristics of these Minervois wines—words more often used to describe Gros’ Burgundian crus rather than the…

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Domaine Anne Gros

Anne Gros, the only daughter of François Gros, has established a solid character and reputation in the wine world after taking over her father’s domaine in 1988.At 25 years old, Anne saw the family domaine grow from 3 to 6.5 ha. Recently, she invested in a new cellar. She is a…

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Located in Alasace, the Trimbach family, have personally looked after each operation, from planting to harvests and from vinification to bottling for 12 generations. The house is known for its dry style, firm structure, ageing potential as well as its fruitiness, elegance and balance.

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Pol Roger

The house of Pol Roger was founded in 1849 and today is one of the few houses remaining in the hands of the original family. With a total production of only 1.5 million bottles per year, (compare this with Moet’s 5 million bottles per year) the cornerstone of the Pol…

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Michel Lynch

Michel Lynch, born in 1754, was mayor of Pauillac during the French Revolution and also one of the leading figures in the significant progress in winemaking that took place in the late 18th century. His estate at Bages was renamed Lynch-Bages and later included in the famous 1855 classification of…

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Maison Louis Jadot

The House of Louis Jadot has been producing exceptional Burgundy wines since 1859 when it was founded by Louis Henry Denis Jadot. Over the past 150 years, Louis Jadot has continued as one of the great names of the region and has gained an international reputation as one of the…

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La Vieille Ferme

La Vieille Ferme has been popular with wine lovers for over 40 years. Produced in a peaceful and sunny region of the Southern Rhône, each colour is an expression of its terroir: the Ventoux brings elegance and structure to the red and rosé wines; the altitude of the Luberon brings…

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In 2005, La Revue des Vins de France voted Jacquesson the third best Champagne house in the world after Bollinger and Krug and in 2010, the house received a 3 star decoration, placing it amongst the top 6 Champagne houses in the region. In 2011, Jacquesson continues to prove itself…

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Henri Bourgeois

The Bourgeois Family have been growing Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir in the Loire region since the 15th Century, earning them a reputation for producing some of the most long lived and admired Sancerre and Pouily Fume wines the world has tasted.

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Famille Perrin

The Perrin family are owners of the famous Châteauneuf-du-Pape estate Château de Beaucastel as well as their family label, Perrin et Fils and Vielle Ferme. They are the leading organic wine grower of the Southern Rhône Valley where they occupy the regions and the best terroirs. Their values have given…

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